This class teaches the Concealed Handgun License (CHL) applicant: Firearms safety, Texas laws regarding CHL and use of force, proper firearms storage and non-violent dispute resolution techniques.

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of Training (CHL-100) which is required by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to file an application for a Concealed Handgun License.

You may complete the Texas DPS online application prior to or after attending the Texas Defensive Firearms Training class.  (See our tutorial video on this process here:



  • Use of Force/Deadly Force
  • Handgun Use, Proficiency, and Safety
  • Non-Violent dispute resolution
  • Safe Handling and Storage of Firearms
  • Legal Aspects of Concealed Carry
  • CHL Proficiency Requirements
    • Written Exam
    • Firearms Proficiency
  • Extras
    • Assistance with application process
    • Mailing and delivery instructions for application package


Initial License  $69 

Renewal (As of Sept 1, 2013 a CHL class is NOT required to renew your license)

Class fee includes

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Range Proficiency
  • Assistance with the application process

Costs above do not include the range fee for the firearms proficiency

Required Equipment

  • Eye and ear protection
  • A handgun of at least .32 cal. It is recommend that you qualify with a semi-auto, rather than a revolver.
  • 50 rounds of ammunition (proficiency course is 50 rounds)
  • A cap or visor
  • A holster, gun case, or something to keep your pistol in when moving to and between the firing lines on the range.
  • Range appropriate footwear and clothing
  • Hydration (water)

Optional Equipment

  • Beverages / Snacks
  • Additional ammunition for proficiency re-shoots (if required)


Download and read the CHL-16 Texas Concealed Handgun Laws.

Time Commitment

6 hours –  Initial License