The application process for the Texas Concealed Handgun License is fairly straight forward.

  1. Register for one of our CHL classes (Call 817-975-0315 to check scheduling and availability)
  2. Complete Texas Application for a CHL at the DPS Concealed Handgun website (See our tutorial video on this process)
    • Click on Downloadable Forms and download or print:
      • CHL-16 Texas Concealed Handgun Laws.
      • If your place of birth was outside of the United States review CHL-40 Notice – Non-Immigrant – Visa.
      • If you are a senior citizen, military, judge, peace officer, or prosecutor, please see the schedule of licensing fees to determine the available discounts and the supplemental documentation required.
    • Click Apply for a New Concealed Handgun License. You will need:
      • Texas Driver License or Texas Identification card.
      • Social Security Number.
      • Residences and employment information for the past five years.
      • Information regarding any psychiatric, drug, alcohol, or criminal history.
      • A credit card.
    • Print Receipt from online application (form with barcode)
  3. Wait 12-24 hours for your application to process with DPS and Safran
  4. Schedule an appointment with MorphoTrust USA (formerly L-1 Enrollment Services) for fingerprinting.
  5. Have your prints scanned by Morpho Trust USA. Their prints are 98% reliable, and they instantly transmit them to DPS.
  6. Complete required classroom training and proficiency exam
    • Firearms Safety
    • Texas Law (General Code, Penal Code, TX Alcoholic Beverage Commission)
    • Non-Violent dispute resolution
    • Proper Storage of Firearms
    • CHL Proficiency Requirements (CHL-100)
      • Written Exam
      • Firearms Proficiency
  7. Submit packet to Department of Public Safety:
    • Documentation required if you apply under a special condition.
    • Completed CHL-100, Concealed Handgun Proficiency Certificate provided by your instructor.
    • As of January 2014 you may submit your documents electronically thought the DPS website