Suitable equipment is mandatory for all classes.  This is both a safety issue as well as a training issue.  Broken, malfunctioning, or unsafe firearms should not be used at the shooting range, and especially not used in a training class.

Improper gear, such as poorly fitted holsters and magazine pouches will prevent you from getting the maximum benefit of firearms training classes. In an effort to fully prepare you before your training class, we prepared a list of recommendations.  Keep in mind that we are training you to defend yourself with a gun.


All firearms used in training classes must be in safe working order.  All safeties and decockers present on the firearms must be in working condition.  Firearms with the safety devices removed or overridden, (e.g. 1911 pistol with a pinned grip safety), are not acceptable.  Any modifications to firearms that make them unsafe, unreliable, difficult to manipulate, or dangerous are not acceptable.


All ammunition used in the training classes must be a commercially manufactured or military surplus ammunition, no reloaded or hand-loaded ammunition. Ammunition must be duty or training style (Hollow point, FMJ, round nose, or semi-wadcutter), and should not be steel core, tracer or incendiary type ammunition.   The only exception to this rule is ammunition for shooting sports classes, in which case hand-loaded competition ammunition may be used.