This course teaches the basic foundational skills required for IDPA, ICORE, NRA Action Pistol and USPSA type matches.  Action shooting sports have unique skills sets that the average “square range” shooter may not posses.  This course will teach students the necessary skills to improve their performance in action shooting sports.

Course Goal

To teach the basic fundamentals of competitive shooting.



  • Selection: Choosing vests, belts, pouches, holsters, etc.
  • Placement: Optimum placement locations for holster, pouches, etc.
  • Quality and Consistency

Marksmanship Fundamentals

  • Stance
    • Development
    • Foot positions
    • Balance
  • Grip
    • Proper grip
    • Maintaining grip consistency
    • Application of grip tape etc.
    • Analysis and correction of grip issues
  • Trigger Control
    • Basics of trigger control
    • Trigger terms (slack, reset, over-travel)
    • Reading your individual trigger (i.e. knowing where the reset and break-point is)
    • Analysis and correction of trigger issues
  • Sight Picture
    • Point of Aim as it relates to the Point of Impact
    • Focus point for sight picture
    • Analysis and correction of POA/POI issues

Combining Trigger Control and Sight Picture

  • Defensive Sight Picture
  • Point Shooting
  • Distance Shooting


  • Speed Reload
  • Slide Lock
  • Tactical Reload
  • Reload with Retention


  • Eye and ear protection
  • A reliable defensive pistol (that you are comfortable shooting)
  • A belt or paddle mounted strong-side holster
  • A quality belt
  • 3 magazines or speed-loaders
  • 2 magazine / speed-loader pouches
  • 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Range appropriate footwear and clothing
  • Hydration (water)


  • Sun Screen
  • Bug Spray
  • Weather appropriate clothing (rain gear, cold weather gear)
  • Beverages / Snacks


The class is be open to everyone looking to improve their shooting skills.

Time Commitment

6 hours 


Private Training $275.00
Group Training $225.00
Audit / Alumni Do Over $75.00