May 2014

Leveling a scope (i.e. crosshairs)

This week I am working on my 3-gun rifle.   I finally bit the bullet so to speak and bought a nice optic for the 2014 season.     I did a quick video of how to mount the scope level without buying any special gear.



Tools and supplies you will need

A small level
A level surface (workbench, desk, anvil, etc)

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Apr 2014

The Physics of the Power Factor

Hang around the shooting sport world long enough  and you will hear the term power factor.   If you hang around a little longer you will find out most people are trying to meet the power factor but not exceed it.    Power factor is often discussed but rarely analyzed.  Many know that it is easier to make power factor with a heavy bullet, but they do not know why.

If you think about it scientifically the reason a heavy bullet makes power factor with less recoil is found in a simple momentum calculation:

In classical mechanics, linear momentum or translational momentum (pl. momenta; SI unit kg•m/s, or, equivalently, N•s) is the product of the mass and velocity of an object:

Like velocity, linear momentum is a vector quantity, possessing a direction as well as a magnitude. Linear momentum is also a conserved quantity, meaning that if a closed system is not [...]

Feb 2014

Cold Bluing Small Parts

Do you have any parts on your firearm that are scratched, nicked, or were replaced and need to be blued back to the original finish color?   If so you can use this handy trick that most gunsmiths use for cold bluing.

Tools and supplies you will need

44/40 Instant Gun Blue
Alcohol (isopropyl or denatured)
Cleaning Patches

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Dillon 1050 Primer System Tune Up

I bought a new Dillon 1050 last year, and it had a sticky primer system.  It is extremely frustrating to have a Dillon 1050 which is capable of loading 1000+ rounds per hour only to have it miss a primer on 10% of the rounds.   I liken this to having a Ferrari towing a 3 ton trailer.  

I tore the machine down to the bare bones and started troubleshooting issues.  Analyzing the situation closely I found there were a couple of  machining marks left on the frame of the machine causing issues with the primer shuttle.  After removing these burrs the machine is running like a Ferrari at Lemans.  

Tools and supplies you will need

Diamond Hone
Alcohol (isopropyl or denatured)
Paper Towels

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Installing a Sling Mount on an Extar EXP556

I bought an Extar EXP556 recently, so far it has been a great little gun.    Like most AR pistols, adding a single point sling really improves the versatility and useability.   The Extar EXP556 has a sling mount kit available from the manufacturer, however I wanted something a bit different, so I modified and mounted a Magpul MOE Sling Mount.

The project turned out great:

Tools and supplies you will need

Gunsmith’s Screwdriver
1/4″ x 20 TPI Socket Head Bolt
Magpul MOE Sling Attachment

Installing Grip Tape on Magazine Basepads

This week I was tuning up some gear for the upcoming shooting season.   Installing new grip tape is a semi-annual chore that pays dividends in match performance.
Double Stack STI Magazines

Single Stack Magazines

Tools and supplies you will need

Grip Tape
Alcohol (isopropyl or denatured)
Paper Towels

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Installing Grip Tape on a Pistol Grip

If you participate in run and gun style shooting competitions you will be familiar with grip tape. Grip tape is that magical stuff that helps your firearm become a natural extension of your body by ensuring the firearm sticks to your hand.

Using a few pieces of grip tape you can transform a slippery firearm into something you can grip firmly, whether your hands are sweaty, muddy, cold or bloody.

Grip tape is a fairly simple product it has adhesive on one side and a rough finish on the other side. Installing it correctly requires some technical skill and a few tips and tricks.

Tools and supplies you will need

Armorers block or a vise
Brass punch (optional)
Roll Pin Punch
Grip Tape
Alcohol (isopropyl or denatured)
Paper Towels

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Filling Checkering on a Pistol Grip

I decided to install grip tape on my 2011 for this shooting season.   I have always ran my USPSA limited gun with stippling and decided to change things up for this season.   To complete this project I would either have to file off the stippling on the current grip or order a new STI grip and use it for the base.    I opted for the new grip.

The new STI grip was checkered and I thought about all the times I break the 2011 down to clean it.   I did not want my grip tape to peel off from dirt, oil or cleaner getting under the grip tape via the grooves in the checkering.   The solution, fill the checkering with epoxy and then file the grip to shape, leaving a smooth surface for the grip tape.

I ordered some precut grip tape from Dawson Precision and [...]

Jan 2014

XS Sight Systems – M&P Shield

I recently purchased a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield as a concealed carry gun.  The gun was great right out of the package and the trigger pull was satisfactory. However the model I purchased did not have night sights on it.

Any concealed carry gun that you may possibly carry after dusk or before dawn, or into a building, should have night sights.  Knowing that I would be carrying this firearm at various hours of the day I decided a set of night sights was in order.

I chose a set of XS Sight Systems Big Dot Tritium sights for the M&P Shield.   The task of putting these sights on took about 30 minutes. I made a short video of the sight installation, so you can follow along.

Changing the sights on a firearm is much easier than most people think, there is very little that can go wrong and short of breaking the [...]

How to submit documentation online to Texas DPS

For several years people could apply online for their Texas CHL. Until recently the CHL applicants had one option for submitting a certificate of training and other documents. Prior to September 1 2013, an applicant had to make copies of any documentation and mail the documents to Texas Department of Public Safety.  Now the documentation can be submitted in PDF, and other electronic formats directly to Texas DPS. This saves the CHL applicant several days of processing time for new and renewal applications.