Dillon 1050 Primer System Tune Up

I bought a new Dillon 1050 last year, and it had a sticky primer system.  It is extremely frustrating to have a Dillon 1050 which is capable of loading 1000+ rounds per hour only to have it miss a primer on 10% of the rounds.   I liken this to having a Ferrari towing a 3 ton trailer.  

I tore the machine down to the bare bones and started troubleshooting issues.  Analyzing the situation closely I found there were a couple of  machining marks left on the frame of the machine causing issues with the primer shuttle.  After removing these burrs the machine is running like a Ferrari at Lemans.  

Tools and supplies you will need

Diamond Hone
Alcohol (isopropyl or denatured)
Paper Towels

If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below