Texas Defensive Firearms Training is located in the DFW Metroplex.   We provide training in various locations in and around the State of Texas

Basic Philosophy

  • We believe in the citizen’s right to lawfully possess and carry firearms to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm. Currently in the United States the rights to carry a concealed firearm are expanding.  Each year more states are allowing citizens to carry a concealed firearm for protection, and the barriers for qualification are becoming less stringent.
  • We believe that training is a necessity to master proficiency.  Just as citizens have a duty to protect themselves and others from harm, they also have a duty to themselves to become as proficient as possible. When a situation occurs, research shows that a person will experience automatic responses that affect physiological, sensory and cognitive processes.  These changes may prevent timely responses in very serious situations based on the persons level of training.
  • We believe training should be informative, interesting, realistic, and engaging.

The courses we offer are designed to prepare individuals for the responsibilities of firearms ownership and to train these individuals to become proficient in firearms usage in a safe and effective manner during all circumstances.

We provide firearms training to those who seek individual attention in a comfortable atmosphere. We have a structured approach to teach you the knowledge and skills necessary for self-defense, competition, hunting and/or recreational shooting. We keep our classes small which allows for the individual attention you deserve. If you have a desire to learn how to use your firearm more proficiently try us out.  We think you will be quite pleased.